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Empowering Decarbonization with Innovative Technology

Proba's technology is designed to provide proof that your issued carbon certificates are real, trustworthy, and clear about what they're based on. Our unique architecture ensures that every step in the process, from the initial data collection to the final issuance of the certificate, is traceable and customizable. This means you can tailor the process to your specific needs while maintaining the highest standards of data integrity. With Proba, you have a partner that simplifies the process of supply chain decarbonization and amplifies your sustainability efforts.

Proba's Unique Architecture: Ensuring Transparency and Trust

At Proba, we've developed a unique architecture that ensures transparency and trust in every transaction. Our system is built on three interconnecting ledgers, each playing a crucial role in the certification process.

  1. Data Registration Ledger: This is where we register all relevant data points of your GHG reduction efforts. All fundamental environmental attributes are calculated and stored here, forming the foundation of our certification process.
  2. Entitlement Records Ledger: Based on the data from the first ledger, and after proper verification, we create entitlement records. These digital records represent the rights or claims your company has to carbon credits or other sustainability assets, based on your verified greenhouse gas reduction efforts.
  3. Final Form Ledger: This ledger contains the data needed to issue the entitlement records in their final form and standard, directly into your designated wallet or accounting system.

Our technology provides an unchangeable set of records that trace the origin of the claimed GHG-reduction and the path to the end-certificate. This includes how it's calculated, who calculated it, and the signatures of the verifier and inspector. This level of transparency and trust is what sets Proba apart.

Ready to experience the Proba difference? Get in touch with us today to learn more about how our technology can support your sustainability journey.