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What are Impact Units?

Unlike carbon credits, Impact Units specifically track and verify greenhouse gas (GHG) reductions or removals within a company's value chain for accurate Scope 3 emissions reporting.

Proba Impact Units

Using our Proba Standard as a guideline, we make sure that the Impact Units we issue on behalf of our customers represent the accurately stated climate impact and the sustainability claims resulting from them. Our focus is always about quality and ensuring integrity.

The Proba Standard ensures the greenhouse gas impact of a climate project is real, additional, independently verified, unique, not counted or claimed already, and doesn't have negative side effects to the environment and community.

Every Proba Impact Unit is unique and traces back to the real world asset representing 1 tonne of CO₂e (1.000 kg) removed, reduced or avoided. 

Benefits of Proba Impact Units

Supply Chain Decarbonization

Help your supply chain partners to reduce their Scope 3 emissions. 

Share the Investment

Easily transfer Impact Units with your supply chain partners and improve the business case of your sustainability project.

Integrity without Complexity

Ensure trust and integrity with Proba's blockchain-secured, third-party verified insetting service.

Compliance with Global Standards

Align with SBTi guidelines, GHG Protocol and other industry standards.

The Proba Registry manages the ownership and the claims of the Impact Units and supports the required validation and verification workflows. We keep track of the data proving that the sustainability claims are real. 

Our system of assurance is built on a foundation of internationally recognized standards, ensuring credibility and reliability:

  • ISO 14064 - Greenhouse GasesThis standard is integral to our platform as it provides the framework for quantifying, monitoring, reporting and verifying greenhouse gas emissions and removals. By adhering to ISO 14064, we ensure that the carbon reduction, removal and avoidance efforts and the resulting Impact Units generated through Proba are accurate, consistent, transparent, and in line with international best practices.

  • ISO 22095 - Chain of Custody: A framework that standardizes chain of custody implementation, defines protected characteristics, imposes requirements on commercial parties, and outlines different models for supply chain actors

  • ICROA and ICVCM: At Proba, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards for Impact Units. Our stringent quality criteria guarantee that each unit represents a genuine and verifiable reduction or removal of CO2e. The ICROA Code of Best Practice and the Core Carbon Principles of the ICVCM serve as independent governing bodies for the Voluntary Carbon Market. 

We're eager to assist you in transforming your climate initiatives into tradable Impact Units. By adopting the Proba Standard, you're building a solid foundation for the certification of your sustainability projects, which can improve the business case of your climate projects.

We welcome any feedback, questions or criticism. We're all ears. 

Let's make some greener supply chains!

Our supporters

Proba is supported by amazing people and organizations taking an early bet on our mission to help accelerating the decarbonization of supply chains, by turning climate actions into tradable carbon certificates.