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Improve the business case of climate action

Proba enables the co-financing of sustainability initiatives in order to scale and accelerate the decarbonization of global supply chains.
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Enable scalable climate action with the click of a button

At Proba, we recognize the pressing need for effective climate action, particularly in the lower tiers of the supply chain. Our Supply Chain Decarbonization Platform enhances the business case for sustainable practices.  Proba empowers sustainability professionals in diverse enterprises to scale and accelerate production methods and strategies which contribute to the decarbonization of global supply chains.
Proba’s Carbon Crediting Standard provides a way for you to turn climate actions into carbon credits, assets which can be traded with your supply chain partners. Our platform helps you to better identify and engage with the most interested parties in your supply chain.
This not only helps to reduce Scope 3 emissions of your supply chain partners, but also creates new revenue streams for your business.