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Proba Governance 

At Proba we have implemented the following governance structure in order to assure accountability, integrity and transparency around our organization, processes and people.

Proba Standard Advisory Board 

Proba has appointed a Proba Standard Advisory Board to oversee, and govern the Proba Standard as from version 1.1. Proba is pleased to welcome Lena Euwens and Danielle de Man to its Advisory Board. This board ensures the integrity and credibility of our Standard.

Lena Euwens offers extensive experience in sustainability and organizational transformation. Danielle de Man brings specialized expertise in certification and sustainability standards. Their knowledge and experience will be instrumental in guiding Proba's approach to carbon credits and environmental stewardship within the Voluntary Carbon Market (VCM). Their expertise will support our commitment to maintaining the Standard's integrity, ensuring it aligns with best practices and the evolving needs of the environment and the market.

Commercial independence

The independent Proba Standard Advisory Board is not involved in the day-to-day and commercial operations of Proba.

The Proba Advisory Board is composed of a minimum of two members, including a Chair and a Secretary. The board is initially appointed by the Proba Management Board, but in time, Advisory Board members can nominate new members.

The Advisory Board validates or rejects any proposed changes from the Proba Technical Committee in the Proba Standard and validates the followed process. The Standard Advisory Board may be asked to assess the processes followed for newly developed or updated methodologies. Based on their expertise, developments in the VCM, and feedback from the market, the Advisory Board advises on  suggestions made by the Proba Technical Committee for Standard improvements.

Members of the Advisory Board will be receiving payment for their work.

Please refer to the About page for an overview of members of the Proba Advisory Board.

Proba Management Board

The Proba Management Board (PMB) is composed of the Directors of Proba. It is responsible for accepting new clients and projects, strategy development, and general management. Please refer to the About page for an overview of members of the PMB.

The management board is responsible for assessing the eligibility of GHG Projects. It does so by assessing the GHG Project against the Proba Standard.

Proba Technical Committee

The Proba Technical Committee (PTC) is composed of Proba staff who are responsible for managing and improving the Proba Standard and managing the development process for new methodologies. Changes are initiated based on feedback from customers, developments in the VCM and feedback from the market. The PTC also performs public consultation and requests input from experts and stakeholders. 

Please refer to the About page for an overview of members of the PTC.

Legal Information

As described in the Proba General Terms and Conditions, should any legal disputes arise, parties agree to mediation. If mediation does not provide a solution, the dispute will be decided by the Court in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Conflict of interest and Code of conduct

Proba has a Code of Conduct that applies to all employees and parties working on behalf of Proba. The code of conduct minimizes the chance and impact of conflict of interest. There is a specific Code of Conduct for VVBs available as well.

Complaints procedure

Proba provides a Complaints procedure that applies to the GHG Projects assessed and certified by Proba and Methodologies developed or approved..

Proba is in no situation the owner nor the seller of the Carbon Credits issued on the Proba Platform. Proba is solely involved in the (technical) facilitation process of registering GHG Projects, in processing the verification of their related GHG impact, and in the transfer and allocation of the related claims in the Proba Platform and Registry. 

More information on the above mechanisms can be found in Proba’s Document library.