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How to get started with Proba?


Together we describe the intervention and expected carbon reduction or removal. Project is then registered on the Proba platform. 


Our system facilitates the verification of the credits by recognised third-party verifiers or certification bodies, ensuring transparency and credibility. 


After the verifier has confirmed the amount of CO2 reduced, removed or avoided, each tonne CO2 (tCO2e) becomes a unique entitlement on a blockchain ledger.


When the credit is sold or transferred, it contributes to the reduction of the buyer's greenhouse gas footprint, and can't be claimed or used by any other party.

With Proba, you can unlock the value of your climate actions in four simple steps: Describe, Verify, Convert, and Transfer.

Step 1: Describe your carbon reduction initiatives
Provide details about your carbon reduction, removal, or avoidance initiatives, including their expected carbon impact. We'll assist in registering your project on our platform.

Step 2: Ensure transparency and credibility with Proba's verification process
Let’s make sure your product’s or project’s climate impact gets validated by accredited 3rd party verifiers. .

Step 3: Convert your climate impact into valuable carbon credits
Once verified, we convert the verified CO2e reductions or removals into distinct entitlements on a blockchain ledger, turning your efforts into a valuable asset, opening a new revenue stream and decarbonizing your supply chain.

Step 4: Monetize your carbon credits
The sale and transfer of your carbon credits helps reduce the buyer's footprint. Each carbon credit’s uniqueness ensures exclusive recognition of your efforts and helps to co-finance your more sustainable product or practice.

Our team and platform facilitates a simple and efficient process, typically completed in a few weeks.

We’re here to improve the business case of your climate efforts.