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Fast-tracking sustainable steel 

Decarbonize the steel supply chain with co-financing from the voluntary carbon market, aligning with SBTi guidelines.

Are you committed to:

⚬ Reducing environmental impact in the steel industry?
⚬ Securing a good ROI on sustainability investments?
⚬ Complying with SBTi guidelines?

Proba is your partner in achieving all three of these objectives by co-financing your steel supply chain decarbonization efforts through the issuance of inset carbon credits, while ensuring full compliance with SBTi standards.

Scale your decarbonization efforts now

Partner with stakeholders across your value chain to realize environmental goals, boost revenue, and meet SBTi compliance through inset credits.

Tracking and reducing emissions in steel production supply chains can be highly challenging. Proba offers a streamlined approach, allowing you to monetize your sustainability efforts effectively and side-step the challenges associated with full traceability in the steel industry.

Join other organizations making an impact

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80% recycled steel, lower emissions

  A steel manufacturer in Europe is partnered with Proba to reduce emissions steel producing using 80 recycled material and 95% fossil-free electricity.

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CCUS technology reducing emissions

Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) can help reducing the emissions during steel manufacturing, which can be incentivized by your supply chain partners

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Upcycling waste in alloy manufacturing

An alloy manufacturer in the Netherlands uses advanced technology to upcycle waste streams and avoiding the mining of virgin materials.

Strengthen the business case for a more sustainable steel supply chain.

Inset credits represent verified emission reductions according to globally recognized standards and can be sold to fund your sustainability projects, showcasing your commitment to achieving Net-Zero as per the SBTi Standard. This not only provides additional revenue streams but also positions your company as a leader in sustainable steel production.

Benefits of using Proba

Generate revenue

By selling inset credits to your supply chain participants, you can generate revenue from your sustainability investments.

Reduce complexity

Our decoupled approach eliminates the need for complex supply chain tracking, making it easier toclaim emission reductions.

Comply with SBTi

We work with you to ensure alignment with SBTi guidelines, providing credibility and legitimacy to your sustainability efforts.

Lift your brand

Show your dedication to SBTi standards and emissions reduction with inset credits, enhancing your brand reputation.