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More low-carbon fertilizers, quicker. 

Get your efforts co-financed with inset credits, while aligning with SBTi guidelines.

More low-carbon fertilizers, quicker. 

Get your efforts co-financed with inset credits, while aligning with SBTi guidelines.

Are you a fertilizer manufacturer that wants to:

⚬ Reduce environmental impact
⚬ See a good ROI on environmental investments
⚬ Align with SBTi guidelines

Proba can help you achieve all three goals by providing a solution to co-finance your decarbonization efforts through the sale of inset credits while ensuring your efforts meet SBTi standards.

Decarbonize food supply chains now

Partner with your supply chain stakeholders and achieve your sustainability goals while generating revenue and complying with SBTi standards.  

Traditional methods of tracking emissions reductions through the entire supply chain can be complex, time-consuming, and resource-intensive. Proba offers a more streamlined approach that decouples emission reduction claims from the complexities of supply chain traceability. This allows you to monetize your sustainability efforts while avoiding the logistical challenges of full supply chain traceability.

Join other organizations who are decarbonizing the agri-food supply chains


Reducing potato farming emissions by 5%

A fertilizer manufacturer in the US partnered with Proba to reduce emissions through the use of slow release fertilizers. The company is helping to reduce emissions in potato farming by 5%.

Proba graphic of barley plant and bag Fertilizer page

15% reduction in barley farming emissions

A fertilizer manufacturer in Europe partnered with Proba to reduce emissions of barley farming by 15% through the use of renewable energy sources.

Proba graphic of plant in field. Fertilizer page

Better agricultural practices in India

An NGO partnered with Proba to implement sustainable practices agricultural in cotton farming together with its partner organizations in India.

Improve the business case of your sustainability efforts 

Inset credits are tradable certificates that represent emission reductions verified according to internationally recognized standards. By selling inset credits, you can monetize your sustainability efforts, gain access to funding for your decarbonization projects, and demonstrate your commitment to the SBTi Net-Zero Standard.

Benefits of using Proba

Generate revenue

By selling inset credits to your supply chain participants, you can generate revenue from your sustainability investments.

Reduce complexity

Our decoupled approach eliminates the need for complex supply chain tracking, making it easier toclaim emission reductions.

Comply with SBTi

We work with you to ensure alignment with SBTi guidelines, providing credibility and legitimacy to your sustainability efforts.

Lift your brand

Show your dedication to SBTi standards and emissions reduction with inset credits, enhancing your brand reputation.