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In your supply chain, we make the voluntary carbon market work for you.

In your supply chain, we make the voluntary carbon market work for you.

Proba guides you to turn your climate action into tradable carbon credits, connect you with the right partners in your supply chain and create new revenue streams for your business.

Organizations getting rewards for their sustainability efforts

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Away4Africa finds win-win for climate and community with a Cashew Farming project in Benin that sequesters around 1,600 tonnes of CO₂ annually, while supporting more than 600 farmer families.

Photograph of Paulownia tree plantation Proba home page

Naturevest planted 130,000 fastgrowing Paulownia trees across 200 hectares in Croatia. Which actively sequester 6,500 tonnes of CO₂ annually. The wood is used for sustainable construction.

Photograph of a selection of bread Proba home page

Bakkersgrondstof collects surplus bread from supermarkets in The Netherlands. Avoiding over 1,000,000kg of waste annually by processing and reusing the surplus as flavourful bread flour.


Ready to turn your climate action into tradable carbon credits for a more sustainable supply chain?

Are you reducing or removing greenhouse gas emissions and eager to see how it pays off? Whether in agri-food, circular economy, construction, chemicals, or renewable materials, Proba simplifies turning your emission reductions into valuable and tradable carbon credits. Our platform not only makes this process efficient and simple. We help you connect with the ideal partners in your supply chain. The benefit? You unlock a new revenue stream, while your partners advance their efforts to reduce Scope 3 emissions.

How does it work?


Together we describe your intervention and expected carbon reduction or removal impact. We register your initiative on our platform. With Proba, turning your environmental efforts into verifiable GHG Projects is straightforward.


We help connect you with reputable third-party verifiers who will validate the climate impact of your project. This ensures your credits are credible without the hassle, maintaining transparency every step of the way.


Once verified, your carbon reductions or removal are transformed into distinct, blockchain-secured carbon credits. Our platform automates this process, making the issuance of carbon credits which represent 1 tonne of CO₂ reduced or removed simple.


Easily transfer your credits to supply chain partners dedicated to reducing their Scope 3 footprint. Our platform supports a smooth and transparent transaction process, helping you and your partners achieve decarbonization goals faster.

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