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Your climate actions have value. Let's unlock it together.

Proba helps you turn your climate action into tradable carbon credits, connect with the right partners in your supply chain and create new revenue streams for your business.

Organisations getting rewards for their sustainability efforts

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Revolutionizing Cashew Farming project in Benin  sequesters around 1,600 tonnes of CO₂ annually, while supporting more than 600 farmer families in Benin.


In Croatia, carbon farmers planted 130,000 Paulownia trees across 200 hectares which sequester 6,500 tonnes of CO₂ annually. Supporting sustainable construction materials.

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Surplus bread is collected in supermarkets and processed and reused as flavourful bread flour, supporting the transition to a more circular economy.


Ready to turn your climate action into tradable carbon credits for a more sustainable supply chain?

If you're removing or reducing emissions in sectors like agri-food, circular economy & waste solutions, construction, chemicals or renewable materials, Proba is your go-to platform. We make it easy  to transform your emissions reductions into a separate, tradable asset and to find and connect with the right partners in your supply chain. The result? You get a new revenue stream, and your partners get to lower their Scope 3 emissions.

Let’s find out together how carbon credits can benefit you.

How does it work?


Together we describe the intervention and expected carbon reduction or removal. Project is then registered on the Proba platform. 


Our system facilitates the verification of the credits by recognised third-party verifiers or certification bodies, ensuring transparency and credibility. 


After the verifier has confirmed the amount of CO2 reduced, removed or avoided, each tonne CO2 (tCO2e) becomes a unique entitlement on a blockchain ledger.


When the credit is sold or transferred, it contributes to the reduction of the buyer's greenhouse gas footprint, and can't be claimed or used by any other party.

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